Price List

We are all about relaxing, refreshing and replenishing your soul body and mind with our well done massage and other body treatment. View our comprehensive Price Lists and Visit us for an exclusive treatment.

Full Body Wax
from Ksh. 7,000
Special Oil
from Ksh. 5,000
Body Scrub
from Ksh. 3,000
Steam / Sauna
from Ksh. 2,000
from Ksh. 2,500
Full Body Shave
from Ksh. 4,000
from Ksh. 2,000
from Ksh. 1,000
from Ksh. 5,000
Morocaan Bath
from Ksh. 11,000
Brazilian Wax
from Ksh. 2,500
Brazilian Shave
from Ksh. 1,000
1hr Swedish Massage
from Ksh.3,000
90 min Swedish Massage
from Ksh.4,500
1hr Deep Tissue Massage
from Ksh.4,000
from Ksh.5,000
from Ksh.8,000
90 min Deep Tissue Massage
from Ksh.6,000
Hot Stone Massage
from Ksh. 5,000
Thai Massage
from Ksh. 5,000
Foam Massage
from Ksh. 6,000
Normal Hair Cut
from Ksh.800
Caucasian Hair Cut
from Ksh.1,000

Golden Bliss Spa

We are a professional beauty and barber spa, we offer a different range of massages and body relaxation services such as steam, sauna, facials, body scrub.

Monday to Friday 08:00 - 22:00 hrs
Saturday 08:00 - 22:00 hrs
Sunday 09:00 - 22:00 hrs
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